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Power in Numbers

We are all too aware of the unstable, uncertain, confusing times in which we live. This anxiety provoking, depressing state of things drives us to want to either fight to make a difference, to disengage and withdraw, or something in between.

No matter what we do in response to the life conditions in front of us, our families, at work, in our neighborhoods, activist groups and countries, I think it is critical to not go it alone. Power, innovation and rejuvenation come in numbers. If we are isolated, we will be swallowed by burn-out or despair, the extreme versions of our everyday anxiety and depression.

Whenever I hear someone share their frustration with things never changing, I wonder: Are you working for that change with others or alone? Whenever I see someone pick a fight about a social justice or political issue on social media, I am concerned about the alone-ness of that act.

When a new client comes to me asking for help with their emotional and life struggles, I share that we offer a team approach to helping people grow and develop. I am so thankful and inspired to be practicing a collective therapy approach, Social Therapy, which is a group therapy practice. We can do it together. Some clients say no thanks, I want to do it on my own, privately, in my own way. This is understandable, given we live in a culture that values individualism. It makes me sad though, as I think going at life with out a team is like having all the ingredients to a recipe available to you but refusing to use them all.

The next time you find yourself going it alone, on social media, at work, or in your personal life, why not ask for help or find some partners? Include others as you make life changes, reach for goals, or voice an opinion. Use all the ingredients of life. When you add others into the mix, you can create a fuller, and richer outcome.

Onward, together.


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