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What is Social Therapy?  A Psychology of Becoming.

  • We have helped thousands of clients create new possibilities for themselves, their families and their communities.

  • Our positive, unique group therapy process helps people grow emotionally. 

  • We get better by creating environments where we can share emotional and relationship struggles together and create something new with it: new conversations, new meanings, new emotions, new lives.


To learn more, visit:

East Side Institute     Dr. Fred Newman      Dr. Lois Holzman



Social Therapy....
supports people’s development in three related ways:
  1. To experience the socialness of our human existence

  2. To exercise the power of collective creativity

  3. To live our lives in ways that build community

--Holzman , L. (2004) Psychological Investigations: An Introduction to Social Therapy



Copyrighted East Side Institue.

Holzman, L. (2018)from talk given at University of West Georgia titled, Play and perform to Make your Day, build Community and Create a Better World.

Group of people
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