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Be Social


"the only things worth knowing about another human being are what you learn in the activity of building something together . . . For what we create [together] is an extension, continuation, and completion - of ourselves."

 --Dr. Fred Newman


In a culture that worships the individual and so-called independence, it is important to remember that we are a social species and interdependent. 


To live an emotionally healthy life, we need to attend to how we are building our lives together.

Living a life in and for community has been my salvation, and offers a rich, rewarding way of being in the world.


As a group therapist, I help people in emotional pain socialize their lives, create together an emotional support team. This helps us break out of the constraints of viewing our difficulties only as ‘private’ or inside ourselves.


Playing together helps us discover new ways of living.  Check out the Global Play Brigade for free playshop offerings



Yoga means union of mind, body, soul. Yoga is a way to play, move and build community.


Yoga, Coffee, Conversation! 


A welcoming monthly series​. 


Teaching a group of yoga students
Yoga Alliance Certified
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Try this exercise
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Holistic Wellness


  • We are whole beings. 

  • Mind and body are not separate.

  • Emotional health is connected to  what we eat, our exercise routines & how we relate to others. 


Taking a fully holistic approach, for example with depression, could include:   


  • Share how you are feeling

  • Eating differently

  • Pulling shoulders up and back 

  • Breathing

  • Exercise regularly

  • Ask for help


Check out this article on my approach

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