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Practice A.R.T.

Yes, it's wonderful to engage in artistic endeavors for the pure joy of it. However, I'm referring to another form of A.R.T.: A Radical Togetherness. What's that?

Yes, we are all connected. Yes, we are together in this experience called life. Yes, relationships are the glue of life. But how to live relationally? This is where A Radical Togetherness comes in.

Living relationally invites us to literally or in our postures ask the questions all the time: what are we doing together? How are we doing? What do we want to be doing together? Seeing our rationality, seeing and caring for our togetherness.


  • When ‘triggered; or ‘activated’, in addition to self care strategies (breathing or take a break) also practice A.R.T: Can we sit together quietly? can we slow down and do this differently’? Can we hold hands while I catch my breath’?

  • Ask for help when you don't think you need it.

  • When in an argument, give each other a hug.

  • Practice curiosity when you disagree with someone.

What examples of A.R.T. can you offer? I would love us to add to this list. :)

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