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Gold Medal for Ordinary!

In this summer Olympics season, we are enjoying the amazing feats of the world’s top athletes. Awestruck inspiration is the theme for us, the spectators.

We are so acculturated to focus on the extraordinary, the stunning and spectacular. I wonder what life together on this planet could be like if we lived as inspired, grateful, curious, and appreciative of our ordinary, day-to-day interactions and feats. What about Olympics for appreciation of the moment-to-moment, un-extreme experiences that make up our everyday life together.

I wonder if embracing the everyday, mundane ordinariness of life is what we need to help us become healthier, more connected, and stronger individually, in our relationships, and in our communities?

I invite you to an experiment: During the Olympics, be awestruck when asking your family what they want to have for dinner. Scream with joy when your daughter grabs your hand at the grocery store. Clap vigorously when a co-worker asks you how your day is going. Weird, I know, but hey we could collectively win medals in experiencing inspiration, connection and joy with the everyday stuff that makes up most of our lives.

Let me know how our revelry of the everyday goes.


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