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Burned out? Take time ON.

As we move through the various phases of the world pandemic and move back into the world, many of us are talking about how we are feeling. Much of what seems to come up is some version of: I’m tired, worn out, overworked, need a break, can’t deal with one more thing, I’m a Zoom-zombie, I have brain-fog, or something similar.

The conventional antidote is to take some time off, take a vacation, or time off from work (if you are privileged enough to be able to do that). All of these suggestions are sensible advice. I want to offer an additional way to address feeling worn out:

Take time on.

We think about being burned out like it happened to us, busyness and stress took over us, as if we are living passively at the mercy of life’s circumstances. What if we proactively engage with how we move through our days, work tasks, relationships, responsibilities:

· How do I/we want to do this meeting?

· How do I want to space out tasks?

· What can I do to rejuvenate while at work? For example ask a coworker to do 10 jumping jacks with you every afternoon, or breathe with eyes closed for a moment, or play the ‘Smile and say “Hello” to as many people as possible in the next 5 minutes’ game.

Try anything that that reminds us that we are creators of our lives, even (especially) in the face of business, stress and pressures.

Take time on Assignment:

Design your schedule this week so that there is sufficient space between activities, be playful throughout the day, take time to stretch, breathe, drink water, remind others to do the same. Let me know how it goes!


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