• Jennifer Bullock

Relationship Coaching: Not Just for Couples.

We are a social species. Therefore, most of us are in a relationship, whether it be with a family member, neighbor, friend, colleague at work, collaborator on a project, or life partner.

Building, maintaining, nurturing all relationships require particular skills and attention. Think of all of your relationships at home, work and community. Now think about which of your relationships would not benefit from:

· Active listening

· Curiosity

· Generosity

Now think about which of your relationships at home, work, community would not benefit from asking the following questions when interacting:

· How are we doing together?

· What are we doing together?

· What do we want to be doing together?

· What do we need in order to do that?

· How do you want to be doing our interactions?

I would bet that we think of very few relationships that would not benefit from these practices. And when things are going smoothly, not a problem. When we hit rough patches of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, betrayals, disappointments, our ability often to be generous, curious, and checking in with how we are doing might allude us.

Our relationship coaching helps you develop and practice these skills, even and especially during rough patches, with you mother, brother, neighbor, coworker, fellow artist, and best friend. So next time you wish you were closer and working more effectively with your mother brother, best friend colleague and say to yourself ‘wow we could use some help, but we’re not a married couple’, perhaps think again!